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类型:国产动漫  地区:大陆  年份:2017  语言:国语 

主演:韦琪 陆庚宜 敖磊 云鹤追 杨天翔 图特哈蒙 吟良犬 浮由 

导演:萨拉雷 韦琪 




"Heroes Company" is a movie released in mainland China in 2017 Domestic animation films with Chinese style and imagination. Once the show was released, it received unanimous praise from many anime fans. The plot setting of this film is very unique, with a lot of imagination added, which is fundamentally different from the previous domestic animation. The creation of the characters is also very distinctive. The clothing and style of each character are very cool, which arouses the audience's determination to watch anime.

This animation also incorporates the military color of science fiction, and it is also unique in the creation of the plot. This animation film mainly tells about There is an army that inadvertently broke into the solar system. There are many aliens in the solar system, and they are planning to destroy the earth. When these armies learned of each other's hostility, they also began to save the earth, planning one plan after another to save the earth. During the confrontation between the two parties, a lot of friction also occurred, and the army established a company of soldiers similar to special forces. There are a lot of superpowers in the Xiongbing Company, such as Lei Na, the Lord God of Lieyang Star, Sun Wukong and so on.






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    类型:国产动漫 地区:大陆


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